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Armed Assault – Zombie mod!

February 2, 2009

armedassault-zombie1Armed Assault, the spiritual successor to Operation Flashpoint, has long been popular among the more hard-core war shooter audience. But now, in addition to the grogs, the survival horror geeks can get involved too! Thanks, that is, to the “Crappy Zombie Mod” for Armed Assault. And thanks to the CZM, we have a wonderfuly amusing Armed Assault Zombie AAR from QuarterToThree.com forum poster El Guapo.

As you’d expect, the AAR is quite short, ending in the untimely death of everyone (as you’d expect), but there’s some good discussion about the mod, links to more info, and more short stories of running and dying from other posters. Zombies, and AARs? Awesome!

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