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Combat Mission Campaigns AAR

February 4, 2009

combatmissioncampaignsAnyone who has played a wargame in the past ten years has probably heard of the Combat Mission series, the fantastic tactical wargame from Battlefront. And chances are that if you’ve played Combat Mission you’ve dreamed of playing a map-based wargame where the tactical battles are resolved in Combat Mission.

In 2005 us dreamers had our wishes answered, or so it appeared, because Battlefront announced Combat Mission Campaigns. CMC is planned as a stand-alone game which allows players to resolve battles from CMC’s operational map in the tactical CM engine. But CMC is more than just a simple tool to daisy-chain CM games together. From the information released so far CMC also promises all the operational-level details one would expect in a good wargame; supply, order delays, organisational structure, it’s all there! Which is great, I’m sure you’d agree, if only the Hunting Tank Software coders would hurry up and finish the game!

But unfortunately, since the original announcement, there hasn’t been much in the way of news coming out of Battlefront. Well, except for the news in August 2008 that a Combat Mission Campaigns AAR had been posted on Armchair General. Strangely, the AAR is in PDF format (link on the second page of the above article), but it is worth a download and a read.

After reading the AAR and article I have to CMC sounds great! Fingers crossed we see it this decade.

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