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What’s hot in 2009? AAR targets for AAR.com!

February 16, 2009

Asking the good people over at QuaterToThree.com what they thought were going to be the hot wargames of 2009 we came up with a short list. Why? So we could look out for great, new AARs of course! Here’s what they thought (in no particular order) would be wargaming hits in 2009:

  • Hearts of Iron 3 – The first two gathered quite a cult following, especially 2, which fixed a lot of issues the first game had. HoI 3 promises more strategic WW2 goodness from the crazy Swedes at Paradox.
  • Battles from the Bulge – the sequel to Conquest of the Aegean promises to be an awesome operational wargame. But the link provided here sucks a lot. Perhaps try the BFTB forum instead.
  • Combined Arms: WW2 – an operational, turn based wargame.
  • Vainglory of Nations – AGEOD have impressed wargames with their attractive and detailed strategy games, including Birth of America and American Civil War. Their next Victorian-themed wargame promises lots of interesting challenges for us gamers.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, just what’s coming out in 2009 that gamers I know are looking out for. What are we missing? What are you waiting for in 2009 that could make great AAR material? Let us know by comment here or by emailing us at the link on the top right.

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