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Theme change, E:TW Barbary States, other news!

March 13, 2009

I’m chargin’ mah laze… er, nope, I’m changing ma theme! That’s right. Theme change time. I want to make this place a bit easier to read and so I think a theme change is in order. I’m also working on a Barbary States AAR for Empire: Total War. The Barbary States were a fascinating collection of pirate cities that were active right up until 1830.  In E:TW I can’t get the rest of Europe to pay me money not to pirate from them (diplomacy is not so subtle in E:TW), but I can conquer the whole world! Or at least, I can try!

And finally, welcome to everyone who has turned up from Penny Arcade! Hope you enjoy the Dwarf Fortress tutorials.

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