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The Diary of Elrond Hubbtard 2 – Revelation

June 18, 2009

Sims-3-AAR-Elrond-2Dear Diary,

It has been a busy few weeks, let me tell you! First of all, I’m doing great work: I’ve already got two promotions! I’m now earning the big bucks! What’s even better is that the boss doesn’t seem to mind me spending all my time chatting with the other soldiers. I’ve also made some very, very interesting discoveries! Oh, I got married too.

I’ve been having lots of fun inviting my workmates, Ian and Jack, and the boss, Erin, over for dinner a few times. I also invited Buster over as well, the old guy I wrote about earlier. We’ve all become pretty good friends! They brought a few of their friends to my parties and we’ve all had a grand time. Here’s a photo from one of the parties. I don’t know who invited the kids, but it was fun when the TV repair man joined in as well!


I also met a really nice woman, her name is Anne Song and we got on like a house on fire. After one of my parties I managed to invite her to the bedroom where we talked for all hours!


We had a few more dates and pretty soon one thing let to another and… well.. we got engaged!


Sure, it was a whirlwind romance, but we share something special. We both think I’m great! Also, I’ve told her about the evil Spirit Dinosaurs and the threat to Humanity and she seemed to believe me. My thoughts are really resonating with people and I’m convinced that there really is something to what my gut has been telling me all these years! Here’s a photo of me telling her about the conspiracy, the look on her face tells me she’s concentrating on every word!


Within days we organized the wedding party. We held the ceremony in our bedroom and invited a few of our closest friends. I thought it was a lovely, romantic ceremony, but perhaps I was a touch under dressed? Regardless, it’s our love for each other and our mutual understanding of the dinosaur threat that’s what matters, right?


After our beautiful wedding Anne moved in and began work in a local coffee shop. She’s doing great and the extra money sure is nice. I’m sure she’ll be climbing the corporate ladder in no time! Meanwhile, I’ve been taking the odd day off work here and there to spend a bit of time writing. I’ve completed a few short stories and sold them to some Sci-Fi magazines and Anne says I have a real talent for it!

I’ve also taken to researching my theories about the dinosaurs. Did you know they were all wiped out by a huge explosion? The “scientists” all say it was a comet, but I don’t think that’s the case at all! I think they evolved to a higher plane and simply FAKED the mass extinction! My proof? Just watch a lizard closely, don’t they seem to be JUDGING you? EVALUATING you? Yes! They are the EARTHLY PROJECTIONS of the pan-dimensional SPIRIT DINOSAUR entities! It’s all becoming much clearer now! But still more research must be done. Here’s a shot of me studying in the library.


I had the revelation about HOW they became SPIRIT DINOSAURS while reading the book in the picture. You have to agree, that’s a pretty amazing moment! It will probably go down in history one day. What won’t go down in history is the ridiculous fool who was also in the library at the same time. As the revelation came to me I leapt into the air and shouted “Eureka!”. This idiot came up, asked what I was on, and when I babbled my discovery laughed in my face! I will remember his name (I keep it secret, even from you, Diary), and believe me, if I have my way, he will be ERASED from history for his idiocy!


But more on that next time, Diary. I feel the need to write a book to explain all the ideas bubbling in my head. I’m sure it will be an instant best seller!

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