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The Diary of Elrond Hubbtard 5 – Enlightenment

June 22, 2009

Sims-3-AAR-Elrond-5Dear Diary,

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working closely with my students and developed new course work to help develop their mental capabilities. I’ve instructed them that once they have understood and been fully trained they will achieve a state of CLEAN, clean of any dead dino influence! A person who is in the state of clean has perfect memory and understanding and is at the height of their intellectual capacity! Bella and her father, Simis, have been working on their study materials in every free moment! It is very exciting to see! They have even stayed over a couple of times having studied late into the night.

Here’s a snapshot of them curled up with my latest (at the time) training guide.


In the past few weeks I’ve developed a more formal study system where a trained person can work one-on-one with the student, I call it Indexing, and it is providing some break-through results! Bella has been the first person to try the training and she says it leaves her exhilarated and full of energy! She tells me that she’s realizing that what matters in life is not the material things like school and family, but attaining spiritual freedom through the study of Dinonetics and the special Indexing. It is a very exciting time for my science of the mind!

There’s only one small problem with the amazing discoveries we’re making. It seems that Simis and Bella’s family, and the wife and kids of Geoffrey can’t understand why their family members are spending so much time at our house, studying, talking and doing Indexing with me. I am not sure why they can’t see how beneficial Dinonetics is and the amazing benefits the technology is bringing to their loved ones’ lives, but there you go! Some people aren’t very smart I guess!

Geoffrey also confided in me that his wife, Nancy, is upset that he’s not at home spending time with her, their teenage son and their baby. He said that she just doesn’t understand how important his study of Dinonetics is. She is also upset that he has spent lots of money on the nightly courses and Indexing I’ve been providing. He was worried she would try and stop him from taking part.

In the end there was only one thing to do; I invited both families over to have a chat about their spouses’ (and daughter’s) involvement in the Dinonetics study. I can’t say that the meetings went too well.

Geoffrey tried talking to his wife…


So did Simis…


Neither wives were willing to negotiate. They demanded their husbands come home and stop messing around with me and my “crazy” theories. In the end it was Bella who resolved the issue…


…She shouted at her mother and told her to get out of the house and that she didn’t want to have anything to do with her if she wasn’t prepared to support her spiritual and mental development. She even shouted at Nancy Landgraab and told her to get out as well! Geoffrey looked surprised, but relieved that the problem had been resolved one way or another. We all watched (and I grinned, to be honest!) as Bella hounded the hapless family members out of the house!

Then, with nowhere to live, the next development in that amazing night was inevitable! Geoffrey, Simis and Bella chatted briefly before coming over and asking if they could stay with us and study in every spare moment. Geoffrey promised to liquidate his investments to help pay for any house expansion and Simis said he would use his retirement savings to help out. Of course, Anne and I said yes, we would love to have them!

Well, within a few weeks we had added another floor to our house and I also used some of the cash to buy a new car. When they are not at work or school Simi, Bella and Geoffrey are studying Dinonetics hard and working through their Indexing. Here’s a shot of the renovated house.


The bedrooms are a little small, but big bedrooms and fancy furniture don’t really matter when you’re working towards spiritual freedom, right?


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  1. You Wish
    July 10, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    That sim…elrond hubbtard…
    I mean like seriously, he thinks he’s so great, only loves his wife because she believes in his stupid idea, he wrote a stupid book and OMG!!!
    Goths!? How could you people suck Goths into this? Bachelor’s are awesome, and Goth are too, right, and Bella is REALLY smart, and she would NEVERRRR EVERRRR believe in that idiocy. Anyway, alkl you guys did is make up a stupid character who made the whole town fall into his stupid idea, and you made the awesome Goths look bad and this is boring, it’s not even funniii, so w/e, **** ** *****!!!

    • July 13, 2009 at 4:03 am

      [wonker voice]You’re weird[/wonker voice]

  2. Lord of the Stims
    July 11, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Two words: Mortimer Goth

    bella is a stuck up b, and you know it! XXXXOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXX

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