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The Diary of Elrond Hubbtard 9 – Conspiracy

July 7, 2009

Sims-3-AAR-Elrond-1Dear Diary,

Everything has been going swell in the past few weeks. At least, everything was great until the police turned up…


We all woke up one morning and found the police and the fire service outside our door. The policewoman said they had an anonymous tip off that a young girl was being brainwashed and held against her will in the house. The girl was, of course, Bella, and the policewoman asked to speak to her.

Bella was really upset that someone would say such things about her and had a long conversation with the policewoman saying she was staying in the house, under the custody of her father, and was here entirely of her own free will. She ended up missing a morning of school due to those crazy accusations!


It’s disgusting to think that people would say such crazy things about our peaceful religion! I spent the rest of the day thinking long and hard about who could have made those evil phone calls and the answer came to me suddenly. It could be only one person, couldn’t it? Jocasta Bachelor. She has to be the one behind the calls, she wants Bella and Simis back to their lives of drudgery, trapped in their stupidity (everyone without Simtology is stupid, Diary).

Diary, I resolved to send a message to Jocasta. To this end I had a long chat with Tamara and Ayesha (oh, I have had them quit their jobs so they can serve me full time).


I gave them both certain instructions, instructions they were to keep secret between us. I told them that certain depraved beings, like Jocasta, need to be handled firmly for the good of Simtology. I reminded them that the greatest good of the greatest number was what mattered and that this was Simtology and the cause of a Clean Planet! With strong purpose, they went about their task.




Ayesha told me Jocasta was crying by the time they left. Good, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more trouble from her in a while!

To celebrate Ayesha and Tamara’s success with handling Jocasta, and in particular,  Ayesha’s righteous fury, I bought an extra painting easel! Ayesha is learning to paint under Anne’s tutelage.  Ayesha has such a wonderful, gentle, artistic temperament!


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