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The Diary of Elrond Hubbtard 11 – Fishing

July 23, 2009

Sims-3-AAR-Elrond-6Dear Diary,

I had a wonderful idea today! I decided to get the girls to head out and promote Simtology through a little busking and chatting to people in the park. I call it “Flirty Fishing”


Bella has become quite proficient with her guitar playing and has even written some lovely songs about how amazing Simtology is and how wonderful a leader I am. Of course, everyone in the house loves her work and we all agreed it would be great to share it with the rest of the world. To this end I instructed Bella to busk in the park as a way of promoting Simtology! Wonderful idea I am sure you will agree!

But to make it more interesting I thought Tamara and Ayesha should dress up a little more attractively to encourage passing gentlemen to chat with them while Balla plays. I think you will agree that the outfits I chose for the girls look quite fetching! Perhaps I should have them dress like this at all times. Watching the girls would be something pleasant to distract me between bouts of book writing.

I think you will agree the girls made quite an impression!




Tamara introduced me to a nice young woman, Holly Bunch, who was very enthusiastic about Dinonetics. She told me she wanted to learn more and was more than prepared to move out of her flat to come live with us in order to study in her every spare moment.


I’m not sure her young friend was particularly impressed, but Tamara did an excellent job of distracting the boy while I took Holly asside and invited her to come stay with us. I told her she would need to tithe most of her salary to support Simtology’s continued expansion, but she readily agreed and understood that the good of the many far outweighed her worldly concerned.

As for Ayesha, she disapeared for while with the young man she was talking to. She came back a while later and told us she’d done as I suggested and engaged in some deep witness. In return the boy had agreed bought some course books and had agreed to join my next round of lectures. She looked a little red around the eyes. I’ll have to remind her to try some hayfever medication.

I’m pleased Holly has agreed to join us. It will be nice to have a pretty young blonde around the house for a change.

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