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Conflict: MEPS – AAR/Lets Play

October 29, 2009

conflict middle east political simulatorServant Corps over on the Dwarf Fortress forums pointed me to an AAR/Lets Play that he completed using an ancient wargame called “Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator“, or “CONMEPS” as it is known by its fans.  The summary info from Wikipedia is that:

Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator, often known as ConfMEPS or simply Conflict, is a turn-based government simulation game. It was designed by David J Eastman and published by Virgin Interactive in 1990. It was available for DOS, Atari ST, and Amiga (with extended graphics).

The game is set in 1997. The prime minister of Israel has just been assassinated, leaving the player to run the country as the new prime minister. The player’s objective is to cause the defeat of the neighboring four states, either by invasion (not necessarily by Israel, as the other states can and do invade each other) or political destabilization.

It’s a great read and ends, well, predictably badly for everyone involved! But if you’re interested in good old games, as Servant Corps is, or just love a good war/political game, I suggest you go check it out!

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