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Dwarven submarines? Join the theorycrafting!

May 8, 2010

The denizens of the Dwarf Fortress forums have been pondering the problem of building submarines to explore the watery or magmary depths of the Dwarf Fortress world. There are two main challenges in building a submarine. The first challenge is that any object (say, a built submarine) cut free from the world (to drop into a magma pipe or into the ocean) will automatically have be deconstructed. This means that, for example, any doors built to seal the submarine will fall off, letting in the water or magma! No good!

The second problem is that the fall itself will kill the dwarven explorers. One suggested solution is to fill the submarine with water, a uniquely dwarfy solution to the problem! The water cushions the fall but could drown the dwarfs. Hmm, tricky! Will we see a dwarfy submarine in the next few months? Who can tell, but I plan on following the dwarven submarine thread closely.

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