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HOI3 AAR: Viva el Socialismo! – #1

August 28, 2010

Now that I’m 200 pages through various manuals, strategy guides, supplemental strategy guides, quick start guides and forum posts I’ve decided it’s time to write a Hearts of Iron 3 AAR. In this AAR I will be playing Spain from 1936 and taking them through the civil war and out the other side to join the glorious communist bloc! The Global Socialist Revolution has begun! Viva la Socialismo!

A Few Thoughts

I won’t be playing through this AAR with the aim of taking over the whole world – I find that sort of game story a bit tedious. Instead, I’ll be semi-roleplaying and trying to advance Spain, survive WW2 and join the Communist Bloc. That being said, I’m not going to be rushing into joining Comintern as soon as I’m able as that will result in a royal ass kicking from the Germans and Italians. Instead, I’ll play as opportunistically as possible.

January 1936

January 1936 sees Europe in a blissful slumber. In England, returning Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin is settling in to another term in office. In Germany, a freak tornado destroyed a wooden radio mast, and in America, Parker Brothers released the game Monopoly. But there are signs of trouble on the horizon, like that feeling you get after one too many tequila shooters. Italy has invaded Ethiopia, Hitler has announced rearmament in violation of the Versailles Treaty and Japan is causing trouble in China.

Spain sits on the brink. National Unity is low and trouble is inevitable. The decision is made to focus our leadership on espionage in order to lower our national unity and to start aligning to the Comintern – led by the Soviet Union. If we are going to bring the Socialist Revolution to Spain, we might want some backup!

Two heavy cruisers are nearing completion and two infantry divisions are added to the production queue. We can’t produce much in the way of interesting units just yet, but you can never have too much infantry!

The Spanish military will go un-reorganised for now, but is composed of 37 divisions, a handful of interceptors and tactical bombers and two battleships and a number of heavy and light cruisers. In due course I’m sure I will have to turn my attention to their needs.

February 1936

To cement our bond with the Soviet Union we initiate several trade agreements – buying energy and selling gasoline. February also sees our intelligence machine hit capacity for domestic spies and so we switch to researching a number of industrial technologies. We must industrialize!

Rest of 1936

In October research completed on a number of resource production techniques and we continued in this vein. A fresh infantry division and the two heavy cruisers were completed in the third quarter and a number of artillery brigades were ordered to bolster the strength of existing infantry divisions (which are heavy in infantry). In December, a surge of of industrial capacity was appreciated, but surprisingly, nothing else happened and everyone in Spain enjoyed a peaceful, merry Christmas!


April 1937 saw another infantry division complete. In May, neutrality dropped to 50% and the domestic spies were switched to increasing national units – which has been hovering at 48%. In October, a third division was deployed, and like its counterparts, it was dropped in Madrid. Also in October, Japan began its war against the Chinas. In November, the inevitable finally occurred….

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