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HOI3 AAR: Viva el Socialismo! – #2

August 28, 2010

The start of the civil war sees the Nationalists control most of north Spain, but the Republicans control most of the fleet and all the units deployed to Madrid. The Canary Islands are largely ours, as are our small African holdings, but the Mallorca Island group has gone Nationalist.

We have a big job ahead of us. We must reorganize the military command structure, assign generals and devise a plan!

November 1937

With the re-org set and leaders established and policies set to wartime measures, it is time to plan the Republic’s strategy. The first step is to reorganize the air wings in Madrid, the next, to order the fleets to reorganize and regroup. Meanwhile, the most important battles will be those on land.

Our initial strategy will be simple. Regroup and hold. Units currently outside of our lines will be moving, as much as they are able, back into our lines and into supply. Everywhere else, units will try to hang on to whatever land they currently control. Once the initial battles are over, between warring units in the same locations, we’ll devise a plan to make gains against the Nationalists!

November 15 the Soviets and Italian offer their respective support to each side. The Soviets graciously send…. one infantry brigade of volunteers. THANKS GUYS FOR YOUR SUPER HELP.

December 1937

The fighting north of Madrid has been fierce, and a few remote units have been lost. Fortunately, my transport fleet successfully moved the victorious Canary Islands Brigades to Southern Spain, where they joined the North African Brigade in a plan to cut the Nationalist units from supply.

The forces North of Madrid will continue to try to divide the Nationalist territory, and their capital at Burgos. The concentration of Nationalist forces in the area is expected to make this difficult. but our forces have proved stronger in every battle so far.

January 1937

The critical events of the civil war occurred in January, with the force charging North reaching the coast and the Southern force dividing the  Nationalists there into isolated, out of supply pockets. The large, strong divisions North of Madrid have been unstoppable, especially when backed by heavy air support – which has proved vital in turning the tides of a few close battles. Having what appears to be complete air superiority has significantly aided us.

As January draws to a close I expect Burgos to fall soon and with it, hopefully, the Nationalists’ ambitions for Spain.

Comrades, we shall overcome! Victory is at hand!

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