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HOI3 AAR: Viva el Socialismo! – #10

September 11, 2010

When I left you we had destroyed Vichy France and then engaged in a number of tedious Garrison deployments. All of this activity was put on hold when this happened:

Yes, those are German divisions on ever single province bordering our territory! You’ll note none of our troops other than Garrison divisions are in France any more – yes, we fled France as quickly as possible and set a defensive line behind a river in Spain in case those nasty Germans decided to cause mischief.

October – December 1945

We’ve also discovered that we own a chunk of South America! How did I find out? Well, there was a small revolution there. Fortunately we also own a small chunk of the Caribbean so forces have rebased there and are ready to recapture our lost lands. That reminds me – I guess I’m going to have to build more Garrison/MP divisions to keep these pesky rebels under control.

January – May 1946

1946 is tense, but quiet. A couple of small uprisings in Portugal and France are put down but nothing much else of interest happens. We pick up technologies such as Night Fighting equipment (very handy), Heavy Tanks (just in case) and some doctrine stuff. We also look closely at our shipping and it looks like we have some 40-odd free transport freighters and yet still red supply lines. I’m figuring that perhaps there just isn’t anything worth shipping from those locations as when I ran the supply lines manually and populated those lines with ships I didn’t get a resource boost. Hmm.

We also had another Armored division complete – this one with infantry (it was going to be a defensive armored division – yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking either). I’m going to upgrade the infantry to newly invented Mechanised Infantry!

Speaking of divisions, I’m thinking a good defensive division might be two brigades of infantry with rocket artillery and anti-tank guns attached. Alternately, a couple of Tank Destroyer brigades would at least give a combined arms bonus… but how that weighs up when compared to the cheaper and more explosivey Rockets and Anti-Tank, I’ll never know…

Anyway, if you’ve been wondering what the Allies have been up to – well – I can tell you! They’ve gone and defeated that dangerous Axis member – Peru!

June – December 1946

It turns out Spain has a bit of turf in the South Pacific! How did I find out? Rebels, of course!

In addition to Papeete (which will soon be entirely lost to rebels, I fear) we’ve also picked up New Caledonia (north of New Zealand there). None of these territories produce anything of use so I’m inclined to let them go native and forget about them. They deserve their freedom!

January – December 1947

It’s quiet. Very quiet. We still haven’t solved our energy crisis, the Germans haven’t moved and the Allies are messing about in South America and East Asia. When will something happen? Ideally, I’d like to jump on the Germans while everyone else is doing the same, but there’s no way I’m going first!

The UK's Asian holdings.

Meanwhile, it seems half the world has taken a size in this war – except for Spain, of course!

And since we’re here, here’s how my production screen is currently looking.

In September we get an uprising in a rather peculiar place…

Turns out it’s a province in North Africa. Yet another place to go squish the bad guys in. We’ve had a few rebels pop up here and there. So annoying.

January – December 1948

A Very Quiet Year. We manage to create two new Infantry corps and continue to pump out infantry divisions and in August we decide to puppet Syria and Lebanon in a pique of Solidarity with the Oppressed of the Middle East. Welcome to the World of Nations! Please don’t mind the horrendous global conflict!

Meanwhile, Spain waits. And waits. For someone, anyone, to take on the Germans!

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  1. FF
    September 11, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    I’m still curious how the Italy campaign would have gone, but this has been a great read. Interesting to see the expansion out of India after the failure of the Normandy invasion.

    • September 11, 2010 at 8:32 pm

      You may still get your wish!…

  2. Doug
    September 11, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    How good is this series of posts? It popped up on my Google reader as a recommendation out of nowhere. I’ve never heard of the game before and am thinking of buying it based just on your writing!

    • September 11, 2010 at 11:48 pm

      Thanks! Unless you are a strategy game geek I would only pick it up if upon reading the manual and quick start and strategy guides you still feel excited about the game. It is complex and a touch abstract at times and that isn’t for everyone.

      Still, it is pretty fun as for strategy game geek like me 🙂

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