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HOI3 AAR: Viva el Socialismo! – #11

September 12, 2010

In January, 1949, something happens! The Allies try for OVERLORD again and the Soviets are clawing back territory in the East. Perhaps it is time for Spain to make its move and to make this conflict turn decisively in the favour of the good guys!

By August it is clear that we have an Opportunity. The opportunity to take Italy out of the picture and to put us in favour with the Allies – who look like they’re going to win this war! The Yanks have made it nearly up to Germany’s border (keeping us safe in the process) and the Soviets, although unchanged in position since February, are also obviously soaking up some German power, leaving us free to take on Italy!

This could be a tough battle – Italy is not to be underestimated. I expect to suffer particularly egregious losses on my convoys, but since I have about 60-70 free (due to my mistaking how the whole convoy thing works) I should be able to soak the losses for a fair while (but I’ll have to be careful about the National Unity loss this would incur). I also think I’ll lose control of the sea, and maybe the air. Although I have battleships and heavy cruisers they are old, and my air wings, although capable enough, are not particularly large.

The key to winning this war, then, will be speed, speed speed! Just as well I have armored, mechanized and motorized corps along with bran new Heavy Armor brigades leading the way! I also have a ton of troops poised and ready to go.

All up we have 33 divisions ready to storm across the border and down the peninsula to Rome.

The plan is simple. Rush the Armor down the coast to Rome and fan the Infantry out behind them. It’s not fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. We have surprise and superior numbers (I hope!) on our side. Our rear will be covered by various reserve units, but no more than about four divisions. I hope the rest of the Axis powers (or Italy, for that matter) don’t get any funny ideas!

War is declared at 8am on August 6.

The plan is simple. As described above, a Mechanized corps will head south, as fast as possible. Four infantry Corps will bracket the rivers and storm across Northern Spain. Other, unmoved corps will follow a day or two behind. The fastest, closest Infantry corps will almost certainly follow the leading Mechanized corps towards the south with the others joining as soon as they are able.

A week later and things are progressing well. But I also realise I’ve made a really stupid mistake, which can be summed up with the maxim SEND YOUR FAST UNITS AROUND ENEMY STRONG POINTS! I have, instead, slammed my mechanized might into on, and they are now falling behind the progress of my infantry! I should have used my infantry to pin the Italian Garrisons and used my fast units to zip around, encircling and moving on. Oh, I also get a rather odd offer from the supposedly neutral Swiss! I accept!

….but I guess that’s why I have TWO armored/motorized corps sitting in strategic reserve! Haha, had you worried I’d screwed this war up, didn’t I?

I order them to strategic-redeploy to the front lines and then continue the race down the Italian boot!

By the first of September we’re on the outskirts of Rome!

By mid-September we’ve bypassed Rome and continue to march down Italy. We’re losing  a lot of convoys, but there are still plenty left over. Despite my fleets actively hunting for Italian ships we have singularly failed to pin any down – sinking only a stray destroyer group.

The north is proving tricky. Limited avenues of approach and a minor attack from the Germans (pushed off by the Yanks! Go Team USA!) has slowed things down somewhat. Still, victory is inevitable – I pushed a reserve Infantry corps into the area and they will hurry things along.

Oddly, my aircraft are refusing to fly against the enemy. Cause – unknown. Possible bug? They say “returning to base” as soon as I try and order a mission. I really miss their impact on the war.

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  1. Scotty
    September 12, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Great stuff! Keep it coming

  2. Lliam
    September 13, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Awesome. When in doubt, attack Italy.

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