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I might be bad at League of Legends

February 17, 2011

I think I might be bad at my current favourite game, League of Legends. I’ve reached level 30 now and so I’m usually solo-queuing (playing with and against random internet people) who are competent, if not quite good, whereas I’m somewhat rubbish.

Oh, I have my good games – I think I can claim to be a capable jungling Rammus, (although he’s just been nerfed due to being over powered) and I can play Mordekaiser quite well (although Morde has no real role in a team fight), but other characters? Not so much.

I would love to be good with Tristana, Miss Fortune, Corki or Sivir – physical damage DPS characters – but unless the team is fairly poor I don’t seem to be able to stay alive to be much use to the team, or if I do live, I mostly seem to tickle the bad guys, not chew them down (the exception would be a high-damage, fast, crit-focused Tristana – but if I’m that fed, I should be able to cut people down). I guess one of the issues is these characters do sustained damage, not burst damage, and I’m just not convinced they’re much use if fights don’t last long. If I’m a phys DPS character, and we’re facing burst DPS types, then usually I’m dead, or I’m forced to run (because others are dead) before I’ve fired more than a few shots. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

Recently I’ve been experimenting with more ‘bursty’ characters and I am quite enjoying Kennen. Kennen is fast, applies some pretty great burst damage and has an area-of-effect ultimate power that synergizes well with other AOE-focused characters. As Kennen I can hang on the fringes of a fight, zip in, drop all my burst and then back out. There’s a good chance I’ve killed someone or brought two or three people low enough for the tankier team-mates to finish off. There’s no need to stand there, right clicking, hoping no-one notices me (which seems to be the dominant way you need to play as phys DPS).

Specifics example: Contrast Kennen’s play style with Corki. When I play Corki I have usually end up relying on the long range rockets as standing around right-clicking for auto-attack damage really isn’t safe (he’s damn slow, even with boots of swiftness). The rockets are nice and all, but against all but the squishiest characters they’re not going to kill someone or even take a big chunk off their health (compared to being whacked with a fed Nidalee’s spear, the rockets tickle, even when I’ve been fed). Tanks can pretty much ignore me while messing with the team (perhaps I need Madreds sooner) and if the squishier enemies get involved then if the team are competent I’m spending my time dodging tankier characters trying to eat my face. If I was playing Kennen I have the stuns, speed and burst and these features let me chose the pace of the fight to a greater degree.

My goal is to learn three or maybe four useful characters really well so that when I play ranked games I will be able to bring something useful to the team, no matter how the draft picks are going. Rammus is a good start (and I’m hoping he isn’t banned every ranked game in future) but I need a few more characters under my belt, and my lack of skillz is driving me nuts!

I figure my QQing means that I’m doing something wrong. But I’m not sure what, and I’m not sure how to correct the problem! If you have any recommendations (other than keep playing – I’m only 175 wins, 180 losses in, after all) then please let me know. Perhaps I need to study some awesome feeds or follow some advanced blogs? Or perhaps my bitter tears will short out the computer and solve the problem once and for all!

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  1. Papa Smurf
    February 17, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Smurfette needs people who love and protect her. With your superior autoattack range, any assassin that tries to run towards you should be smashed into oblivion by your teammates.

    • February 17, 2011 at 11:31 pm

      Yeah, I have been thinking about that. I think I need to play with people better able to protect their carries, but a lot in pubbie games are terrible at this, and so ones time as a squishy carry can be quite frustrating!

      Perhaps at character selection I need to think carefully about who else the team has chosen and ask myself “can they keep me alive?”. If the answer is no, switch to someone with more survivability.

  2. The Fran
    February 19, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Haha, I have a similar problem.

    I am more or less hopeless when it comes down to team-annihilating glass cannons.

    However, I’m rather beastly when I am securing kills for other people – namely, playing tanks, offtanks and supports.
    Amumu is, in my opinion, the absolute most powerful tank for premades. Malphite and Gragas are great for solo queue, counting the amounts of damage they can inflict and crowd control they provide for being almost completely invincible.

    Offtanks you should really try are Mundo (damn that guy is the hardest to kill champion ever) and Nasus. Especially Nasus: getting a solo lane, Trinity Force, Aegis of Legion and Ionian Boots lets you hit people for 1K+ crits on 4 second cooldown.

    • The Fran
      February 19, 2011 at 12:42 pm

      Oh, and if you need to watch some cool videos watch some by Coldturkey49, Treeskimo or Grasshyren (Grassy shows some cool things to NOT do)

    • February 20, 2011 at 7:40 am

      Thanks for the tips (and the the vid stream suggestions – I like Treeskimo, so I’ll check the others. Had a bit of an epiphany when it comes to playing carries – might blog about it soon 🙂

  3. Doesnt matter
    May 15, 2011 at 1:38 am

    frankly, the game isnt balanced… why? lets see : the maps are big, and the dev’s only way to conpensate the lacking teamwork is to make every char able to solo, the quicker you get your lvl up and the faster you can take your oponents down better for you, OP chars that work better at certain times of the game ( Jax with atk runes at lvl 5 can deal like 200-300 dmg depending on fisical res) , stuns that are bugged ( im pretty sure if you are stunned, the 1st hit you take will unstun you OFC), add side spells like slows, more movement speed, ignite etc ( to make it easyer to capitalize on enemys because they deserve to die when they pull off some amazing dodging and stun work to get away from a 1v3 situation) and because they dont wanna buff classes even more than they are , because of the complete mess they made with every class, they nerf because of the general publics taste and patch it all up with a ” Champions cannot repeat themselves on the same team”. Have you thought about 5 twisted fates? , 5 stuns, insta 5v1 situations, allways knowing where you enemy is etc… They cant even make a proper game that can be balanced in a truest form of the meaning of the word. REAL BALANCE SPITS ON CLASS LOCKING, 4+ SECOND STUNS, MEGA 7 SECOND SLOWS, SPAWING RANDOMLY AROUND THE MAP, SHOOTING STUFF ALL THE WAY AROUND THE MAP, TARGETING SYSTEMS. TAKE THAT ALL OFF , SEE HOW THE GAME GOES, PATHETICLY NOOBISH EVEN WITH THE BEST PLAYERS.

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