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League of Legends suckitude: An update

February 21, 2011

So after my previous crying about my League of Legends skills I had a bit of a rethink about how I play. First up, team composition: I’ve started trying to pick my character based on the choices the rest of the team has made. Not that many people bother to do this, so, if you do, you’re pretty much guaranteed to improve the team’s chances of winning. With that in mind I’ve been switching between Rammus, Kennen and Miss Fortune and things have been getting better.

In terms of playing physical carries, as long as I have two competent tanks on the team (and you need at least two, it seems) I’m able to sit at the back of the fight and pew pew to my heart’s content. But, if my team is squishy, it’s pretty much game over. Mind you, playing Miss Fortune blends both burst (her ultimate and her double-up powers) and sustained DPS (her auto-attack). Pretty ideal for my play style right now, now if only I was a better overall player!

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