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Live BlogAAR: Dungeons of Dredmor – 3rd time the charm?

June 9, 2011

Dungeons of DredmorAfter two terrible game failures it is time I really, truly, don’t die and get past the first couple of rooms in this thing! So, with this lofty goal in mind I’m going to roll some kind of wizard. It will be awesome!

I’ve made Gandalf, a character who can use staves, engages in fleshsmithing (no idea!), mathemagic, promethean magic, has good perception, is a lay walker (recovers mana more quickly) and is an alchemist! Sounds super effective if you ask me, and yes, I’ve got no idea what half those skills do.

First thing first – BURNINATION! It seems I have an awesome AOE spell that sets the floor on fire and does some damage to those damn Diggles. I burninate a few, but also catch the damn sickness one of the damn Diggles has. It gives me some negatives and I hope it goes away soon.

I also have a spell to speed up healing and… creepily, add more flesh (for ablative purposes) and a spell that will teleport me, if need be. Handy.


After wandering around bashing Diggles and bats and NOT DYING, something amazing happens! I LEVEL UP!


I decide to level my staves skill (which adds a magical damage component) as I am still dealing most of my damage this way and am too low on mana or mana regen to focus entirely on my spell damage.

Gandalf has a big wand. Get it? Get it?!

The next time I cross a Diggle I decide to try a wand that has been hanging around in my inventory on the thing. ZAP! The Arcane Wand infects it with a magical DOT! Neat! I run away from the Diggle and it dies as it tries to chase me. I then breeze past and…. yes, I step on the infected corpse and pick up the damn infection myself! I eat some food to add some healing and the infection expires before I die, phew.

I also drank from a fountain and gained the Power of Plaid, which provides pretty neato magic and other sorts of protection for a few turns. Handy. I never knew plaid was so potent.

After some more adventures I discover the Goddess of Sidequests who tasks me with, well, finding a magical hammer?

I shall find the Magic Hammer!

A few creatures later I level again! This time I add another level to my mana regen power. I NEED MORE MAGICS!

I just took this shot to show the flames, FLAMES EVERYWHERE!


I ding again and level up my fiery skill and get a fiery trap!

Anyway, more exploring and more looting leads me, eventually, to a terrible beast (that leapt out of a box labelled “Evil Chest”, go figure!)

A terrifying beast!

But don’t fear, dear reader, a combination of trap spells, wands and general bad-assery sees the beasty off!


And with the defeat of the evil AI-powered beasty, Level 1 of the dungeon is basically complete! How awesome!

I’ll continue onwards tomorrow in a new blog post.

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