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Mori clan: Autumn 1545

November 1, 2011

Autumn 1545

By Autumn, Motonari had heard learned that the tiny Amako force had continued its incursion laying waste to farmland in its wake.  Motonari held council with his son and senior retainers, concluded that he was content to leave it be, while his army convalesced.  He ordered the newly-recruited arched in Aki to march northward to Iwami.   He hoped to destroy the Amako before they sacked the gold-mining operation in Iwami.

Reports from Aki brought news that the clan’s scholars had made progress in codifying the way of the warrior.  Motonari decreed that the scholars should focus future efforts on civilian endeavours.

Surprisingly, it was also reported that the Tokugawa clan had been destroyed, and that their daimyo had been forced to commit seppuku.

The clan’s finances were such that Motonari was able to recruit an additional unit of yari ashigaru in Izumo, and finally to order an expansion of Koriyama Castle in Aki.  This left no funds for more ships, but existing Mori ships continued to seek out trade routes.

Motonari and his council also decided to repair the damaged farming infrastructure, despite the likelihood that it would be destroyed again.  If nothing else, they hoped that it would distract the Amako from the goldmine.

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