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Mori Clan AAR: Winter 1549 – Spring 1550

November 9, 2011

The potential for conflict with the Ouchi weighed on Motonari’s mind.  He began searching for alternative allies.  The Shoni, who were allied to the Ouchi, and who had a daughter married into the Mori clan, could not be persuaded to formalise their strong relationship with the Mori into an alliance.

In the end, Motonari concluded an alliance with the Kikkawa.

This arrangement was not wholly satisfactory, seeing as he had entertained the possibility of acquiring Bingo province from the Kikkawa – an area whose locals were famed for their ship building skills, and which Motonari had hoped would help him cement his naval supremacy.  Perhaps there would still be occasion for that in years to come.  Few alliances were permanent.

Mori scholars had finally been able to provide guidance on how more might be made of farmland, and Motonari issued orders to expand farming infrastructure as funds came available.

He also, after much discussion with his council, invested a considerable sum of money in further expanding the goldmine in Izumo.  The construction was not likely to be complete for another three years, but it was felt that the long-term advantages would be worth the investment, and, that being the case, the investment was better made sooner rather than later.

The construction of a Pilgrim Hostel in Aki had enhanced the province’s status as a holy site, and the pride of warriors recruited in the region.  Their pride would, Motonari hoped, make them more stubborn in battle, and this could be a significant advantage.

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