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Book change log – July 30

August 3, 2012

People have been asking about the changes in the July 30 book update. Thought I would post them here!

July 30, 2012
• Fixed all spelling/grammar/content errata on the O’Reilly catalog page.
• In Chapter 1, at the end of “Websites”, Urist is introduced.
• Updated graphic for chicken in Table 3-1 and replaced duplicate image for Figure
10-10 with the correct screenshot.
• Added a tip to Chapter 3 under “Managing Your Workshops”.
• In Chapter 6, added a section on immigrant nobles and a table showing how nobles
progress at different stages to the section “Nobles”.
• Edited last paragraph of “Directing Your Troops” in Chapter 10 to reflect a bug fix.
• Added a “caution” tip on the first page of Chapter 11 due to DF bug.

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