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New version of Dwarf Fortress is out!

February 14, 2012 Comments off

There’s a new version of Dwarf Fortress out, and, as always, you can get it from the Bay12 site. The change log is extensive and I haven’t had a look at the new client yet to explore all the implications. Go enjoy!

New stuff

  • cities in adventure mode that have various buildings, dungeons, items, livestock, etc.
  • protect your community from secret vampire dwarves or hunt them as an adventurer
  • defend your fort during the full moon or risk a werewolf infestation — hunt/be hunted as an adventurer
  • face armies of the dead in dwarf mode or visit their necromancers’ towers and learn their secrets as an adventurer
  • evil regions where the dead and pieces of the dead can come alive, with evil mists and rain
  • tombs built in world gen which can be visited in adv mode, either beneath towns or out in the wilds — beware the dead!
  • revamped justice/witness/death notification system in dwarf mode
  • immigrants to your fortress will now be historical figures whenever possible, which means more family relationships and history for each one
  • dropped items/bodies tracked between plays in the wilderness anywhere in the world
  • more battlefield information tracked/war dead raisable in world gen
  • all sponsorship animals and their giant/man versions are in the game now
  • various new abilities for creatures (see file_changes.txt for list and syntax)
  • adventurers can use creature abilities/learned powers and they can be tested from the arena
  • new site travel map to make navigating towns easier
  • reading/swimming/observer (for traps) relevant in adv mode now
  • established historical figures can lead bandits
  • rivers block movement in adv mode travel
  • eating/drinking required in adv mode
  • ingested syndromes are now possible
  • ability to make campfire (from ‘g’) and warm items at campfire/fire/magma (from ‘I’) in adv mode
  • traps work in adv mode, once spotted they can be ignored
  • gems now have different cuts
  • necromancers can write books about various topics (all books are in their towers as it stands)
  • moon phase indicator in fort
  • alphanumeric world gen seeds and some more world gen params (see file_changes.txt)
  • the legends xml has a lot of new info for historical figures

Major bug fixes

  • buffer overload from aborted world gen fixed
  • fixed cave-in-on-embark issue with hidden underground structure, and a few others

Other bug fixes/tweaks

  • designations over z levels all at once now possible
  • unit screen divided into four sections
  • rivers/pools have ramps now
  • able to trade portions of stacks in both modes
  • messed with adv mode currency trading and made items teleport to you
  • tweaked how fire damage works
  • made vision work through floor grates and bars properly
  • fixed some road/bridge problems
  • crystal glass items possible again
  • tweaked adventure mode swimming and alt-movement readout (use alt-movement to get into a river you want to cross)
  • skeletons/zombies replaced by animation effect
  • demons masquerading as gods will try a little harder
  • restricted mandates so they’ll be more reasonable
  • stopped blank map from being exported when you back out of detailed map export
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“Matches & Matrimony” lets play a regency dating game!

January 15, 2012 Comments off

Angie Gallant, her of the weird and funny Hatoful Boyfriend lets play has started another lets play for the game Matches & Matrimony, which is a dating game featuring Jane Austen protagonists! The lets play is a hoot and you can check the game out for yourself here.

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Mori Clan AAR: Summer 1555 – Summer 1558

November 17, 2011 Comments off

With Shikoku pacified, Motonari turned his attention to fulfilling the Shogun’s wishes and weakening the Takeda.  Takamoto reamined in Awa only long enough to repair battle-damage to the castle and recruit a small garrison to remind the population of their duty to the Daimyo.

As soon as he was ready, Takamoto’s army boarded ships and sailed east.

As he had advanced in years, Motonari had evidently discovered that his wife had also advanced in years, for his womanising ways had now reached the point that his frequent distractions now slowed his army on the march.

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Mori Clan AAR: Summer 1550 – Summer 1552

November 13, 2011 Comments off

Although Motonari did not want to sully his own honour by embarking upon a war against a clan with whom he had long enjoyed a positive trading relationship, he was nevertheless hopeful that he might be able to acquire the two provinces currently controlled by the Ouchi.  To this end, he took the bulk of his army out of Hamada castle in Iwami, and had them hide in forests near the road.  He hoped that the traders would inform the Ouchi of the minimal defences in Hamada castle, and that the Ouchi would seize the opportunity to attack.

Signs that conflict in central Honshu were leading to the consolidation of power by certain, unknown Daimyo were further heightened by news that the Hojo clan had been destroyed. Read more…

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Mori Clan AAR: Winter 1549 – Spring 1550

November 9, 2011 Comments off

The potential for conflict with the Ouchi weighed on Motonari’s mind.  He began searching for alternative allies.  The Shoni, who were allied to the Ouchi, and who had a daughter married into the Mori clan, could not be persuaded to formalise their strong relationship with the Mori into an alliance.

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Mori Clan AAR: Autumn 1547 – Autumn 1549

November 8, 2011 Comments off

Unable to reach the fortifications in Izumo before winter set in, Takamoto decided to wait at the border, rather than risk starving his men by forcing them to forage in enemy territory. While he waited, the Amako sent emissaries frantically begging for peace.

They were not willing to pay the price the Mori demanded, however, and so the war dragged on. Read more…

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Mori Clan AAR: Winter 1546 – Summer 1547

November 7, 2011 Comments off

In Winter, a Mori trade ship finally established a cotton trade with the Korean Kingdom.  Despite the small scale of trade in its beginnings, it still brought in an extra 2-300 koku per season.

As Takamoto followed the Amako force from Iwami to Aki, he was met near the border by a small detachment.

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