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My Kerbal Space Program obssession

December 13, 2012 Comments off

showposterI’m currently completely an utterly obsessed with Kerbal Space Program, a rocket-building sandbox game currently in development (demo (old) version available at link). It is really, really great fun and supported by a very active modding community (even new features can be modded in!). I find myself semi-roleplaying a space program by starting off with comsats and rovers before moving into manned landers and flight.

I’m documenting my progress over on Broken Forum in a Let’s Play. Come have a read, and go give KSP a try!

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Choose Your Own Adventure forum game!

February 3, 2012 Comments off

I had a rather neat idea the other day – why not try and write a Choose Your Own Adventure story on a forum using thread post numbers instead of pages and having forum members contribute to the story. So far it is a raging success (I would like to think) and we’re nearly 40 posts into a story that a number of people have contributed to. It has been great fun trying to stitch the story together as each person throws a spanner in the works with a new plot line or new location and, of course, it is all rather silly and fun.

One of the contributors, Chequers, has also rather brilliantly made a graph that automatically updates (after we edit a Google Doc) and plots out the posts and where they link to. Quite clever!

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Artemis Bridge Simulator – Qt3 AAR

December 30, 2011 Comments off

Some lucky people on the Qt3 forums played Artemis Bridge Simulator tonight, and fortunately for us, they live blogged their experiences on the Artemis thread there. It’s an amusing read and worth a look.

Scheming, spying, double-dealing and plotting – Another day in EVE Online

June 24, 2011 2 comments

EVE OnlineIf you’ve heard of EVE Online you probably already know a bit about this complex and convoluted space MMORPG. You may also know about the depth of politics and conniving that goes on behind the scenes. What you may not know, and was news to me, is the degree to which this politics, plotting and scheming plays out in the Alliance Tournament, the PVP matches organised by EVE Online developers, CCP. Well, now you can learn all about the plots of 2011 tournament winners Hydra by reading this awesome forum post mirror of a forum post by Duncan. Yes, it is rich with EVE jargon, but it is also rich with fascinating detail on how Hydra destroyed their alliance competition – and what’s great is that the Tournament itself was only a minor detail in all their work!

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Two handy EVE Online guides

May 20, 2010 Comments off

EVE OnlineDespite the reputation for being very silly people, Goonswarm can be very, very useful contributors to the EVE Online community. Two very useful contributions are presented here. First up, the Goonswarm Newby Guide, which is a hilarious and educational read. Second, Grid-Fu: A Practical Manual, which should be required reading for anyone involved in PVP, or wishing to avoid it!

Now, before you click away, seriously, go read the newby manual. It is awesome. I wish these guys wrote all my game manuals!

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My EVE Space

March 16, 2010 7 comments

EVE OnlineIt seems that posting one’s “EVE Space” is all the rage on the EVE Online blogosphere, so here’s mine after the cut. This is where I play EVE ! Either at this laptop on the coffee table or on the iPhone running Mocha VNC while out and about. Perfect for updating market orders, which right now, is all I get up to in EVE!

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Nine ways to make a fortune: 1 – Station Trading

March 9, 2010 2 comments

I was having a chat with some friends about all the different ways you can make money in EVE Online that don’t involve running missions or killing NPC ships or being a pirate or scammer. I came up with nine, which, as far as I can tell, puts EVE Online head and shoulders above any other MMO. What’s more, these nine don’t include money making methods involving piracy, skulduggery or general jacknappery!

Since there are so many approaches to making cash (often great “side” businesses suitable for alts) I’m going to write each one up over a series of posts providing as much detail as I am able. Note, it’s nigh-impossible to know everything there is to know about the systems in EVE Online, so this will be my best effort and comments/thoughts are welcome.

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