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Automated Dwarf Fortress minecart shotgun!

September 18, 2012 3 comments

I’ve been messing with minecarts and dwarven computing in Dwarf Fortress and produced these two videos which show the hilarious results of flinging dozens of gold bars at invading trolls and goblins. I’m going to work on some basic dwarf fortress engineering/computing tutorial videos as well in the near future. Enjoy!

Automatic Minecart Shotgun for Dwarf Fortress

Minecart Shotgun and FROGGER Defense System for Dwarf Fortress

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My Dwarf Fortress webcast

August 24, 2012 2 comments

Dwarf Fortress Webcast

Click the link to watch my O’Reilly Dwarf Fortress webcast on YouTube – Quality isn’t great (damn NZ internet), but 28 minutes MINECART SHOTGUN!

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Newbie Tutorials in French!

September 17, 2010 3 comments

Jeux Video has posted a French translation of my Complete and Utter Newby Tutorials for Dwarf Fortress. At least, I think he has! I don’t speak French, so what do I know?

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Two handy EVE Online guides

May 20, 2010 Comments off

EVE OnlineDespite the reputation for being very silly people, Goonswarm can be very, very useful contributors to the EVE Online community. Two very useful contributions are presented here. First up, the Goonswarm Newby Guide, which is a hilarious and educational read. Second, Grid-Fu: A Practical Manual, which should be required reading for anyone involved in PVP, or wishing to avoid it!

Now, before you click away, seriously, go read the newby manual. It is awesome. I wish these guys wrote all my game manuals!

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DF Tutorial: Using dwarfs for medical experiments

May 18, 2010 10 comments

I’ve written a book – Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress, available at O’Reilly and Amazon! It covers the current version and takes you from knowing nothing to being a confident Dwarf Fortress player!

So you’re busy enjoying the latest build of Dwarf Fortress, marvelling at the complex health system and the confusing military system when a thought strikes you, “I’ve just built all this great stuff for my Hospital, but how will I get my medical dwarfs some doctoring experience?”. Indeed, this is quite a conundrum! If you don’t train your medical staff perhaps they will screw up when some really important doctoring needs to be done.

But don’t fear, dear reader, we have a solution! Controlled dwarf torturing: it’s not really torture, it’s just dropping them a few levels on to rocks and then using them to practice medical techniques on. They love it really – it’s all for the good of the fortress, after all!… Read more…

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Nine ways to make a fortune: 1 – Station Trading

March 9, 2010 2 comments

I was having a chat with some friends about all the different ways you can make money in EVE Online that don’t involve running missions or killing NPC ships or being a pirate or scammer. I came up with nine, which, as far as I can tell, puts EVE Online head and shoulders above any other MMO. What’s more, these nine don’t include money making methods involving piracy, skulduggery or general jacknappery!

Since there are so many approaches to making cash (often great “side” businesses suitable for alts) I’m going to write each one up over a series of posts providing as much detail as I am able. Note, it’s nigh-impossible to know everything there is to know about the systems in EVE Online, so this will be my best effort and comments/thoughts are welcome.

Read more…

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Complete Dwarf Fortress tutorials in one big PDF!

June 3, 2009 9 comments

dwarffortresstitleAt last! After much time we have a full PDF of the Complete and Utter Newby Tutorials for Dwarf Fortress on Scribd! You can thank Joe Yeti for this great work, he just up and made the PDF and dropped it into my lap. Right now the links don’t work in the PDF, but it’s perfect for printing and playing along! Enjoy! If you don’t like to use Scribd, you can download the full PDF here.


Note: The PDF is not as up to date as the tutorials here on the web (as they have had some tweaks) so if you can, please consider working through the web-based tutorials.

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