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Thoughtful Dwarf Fortress write-up

February 14, 2011 1 comment

There’s a really great write-up on just why Dwarf Fortress is interesting over on The Quixotic Engineer. I recommend a read if you’re new to Dwarf Fortress or wondering what all the fuss is about. Matthew covers the interesting elements of the game beautifully and there are some useful links there as well!

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Newbie Tutorials in French!

September 17, 2010 3 comments

Jeux Video has posted a French translation of my Complete and Utter Newby Tutorials for Dwarf Fortress. At least, I think he has! I don’t speak French, so what do I know?

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The Dwarf Fortress “Lazy Newb Pack”

September 15, 2010 2 comments

One of the challenges of getting into Dwarf Fortress is that there are a lot of great mods, tools and additions that the new player won’t know about or could find daunting to install. To help people get over the hump LucasUP on the Dwarf Fortress forums has put together the Lazy Newb Pack. There is some great stuff in there; tools and utilities I hadn’t heard of, so I suggest you go have a look! Now might finally be the time to get into the new, 2010 version!

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Bravemule – a wonderful Dwarf Fortress AAR

September 14, 2010 Comments off

Kevin Snow has written, and George Kavallines has illustrated (SomethingAwful forum regulars?) a fantastic Dwarf Fortress AAR on the go over at Bravemule. The AAR is filled with fine art and great story telling as well as 3D representations of the map using Stonesense. It is well worth a read, especially as it’s written in a very Dwarf Fortressy style. Me, I love the Cat Missing picture a couple of pages in. So cute! And terrifying.

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New illustrated Dwarf Fortress story

September 6, 2010 1 comment

Remember Bronzemurder, the illustrated Dwarf Fortress story? Well, Tim Denee has been at it again and has produced the story of Oilfurance, never a tale of greater woe has been told before. Woe and laughter. It’s great, go enjoy!

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Guest DF Story “A Letter to the King”

May 20, 2010 3 comments

Reader Dirk Flinthart has sent in a Dwarf Fortress after action report in the form of a short letter to the King of the Dwarfs wherein the fate of Fortress Alebaldness is recounted. It’s a good laugh, have a read!

Read more…

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DF Tutorial: Using dwarfs for medical experiments

May 18, 2010 10 comments

I’ve written a book – Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress, available at O’Reilly and Amazon! It covers the current version and takes you from knowing nothing to being a confident Dwarf Fortress player!

So you’re busy enjoying the latest build of Dwarf Fortress, marvelling at the complex health system and the confusing military system when a thought strikes you, “I’ve just built all this great stuff for my Hospital, but how will I get my medical dwarfs some doctoring experience?”. Indeed, this is quite a conundrum! If you don’t train your medical staff perhaps they will screw up when some really important doctoring needs to be done.

But don’t fear, dear reader, we have a solution! Controlled dwarf torturing: it’s not really torture, it’s just dropping them a few levels on to rocks and then using them to practice medical techniques on. They love it really – it’s all for the good of the fortress, after all!… Read more…

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